What You Can Do

Go Green Resolutions

Starring: Julie Tortorici | Written by: Julie Tortorici & Jessica Arinella | Shot, Edited and Directed by: Alicia Arinella | Produced by: On the Leesh Productions | Music by: Banana Whale | What You Can Do Logo Created by: SCG Siddharth Creative Group | Additional Footage Provided by: Shutterstock, Inc. Used by Permission | Statistical information from: EPA | Special Thanks: Dennis Arinella 

Think there's nothing you can do to help during the holidays in one minute?


Go Green Resolutions
Water on Thanksgiving
Hunger on Thanksgiving
Happy Thanksgiving
NYC Food Drive
A Gift for a Pet Lover
Green Gift Wrap
Green Holiday Tree
Green Holiday Party
Make a Difference
New Year's Resolutions



City Harvest
Traffic Safety Administration

Canine Partners for Life
A Service Dog Can Help
A Thanksgiving Dilemma